Boku no Hero Academia First Impressions (1): Hero mode

Let's jump on the hype train. To start off with, this facial expression makes for a decent reaction pic. Anyway, this is a setup we've seen before...the main character is a powerless kid trying to find his place in a world full of powers.

Opening animation isn't anything special. We get that the main character idolizes the hero shining before him and that he will have a running conflict with the bully kid from the beginning of the episode. Other than that, we get a few quick character names flashing on the screen. The song is pretty good..

Sure, blame the super babies on the Chinese. Real smooth, Japan. Just in case you want to add that some "experiment gone wrong" was the cause of the powers later, you put the responsibility on a different country. Also, superheroes are predominantly a Western phenomenon, so I guess it's just a kick in the nuts that the first superheroes show up in the East?

Am I supposed to remember these hero names or is this just an introduction to the hero culture that is commonplace since the arrival of superpowers?

That's a pretty accurate translation of "otaku", but shouldn't he specify that Deku is a "superhero fanboy"? The way it's said here, it sounds more like he's saying "Kamui Woods fanboy".

Uhh...hate to be a stickler here, but did the robbery result in bodily injury? Because I'm pretty sure it's the illegal use of powers that resulted in the bodily injury.

...fair enough...

Sure, I buy that the government has the resources to pay all of these heroes...totally...

Are these people really so mad that this guy's trying to take this test? If he's allowed to take the test and pass, then it's the test giver's fault if you don't think he should be allowed to do so, right? Kids will be kids, I suppose.

Side note: I didn't know people used "0:00 PM" to mean noon...

A small explosion on contact and all that happens is the edges of the pages get a little singed? This guy's power is pretty trash...

Can't tell if he's excited or in shock...

This kid's in kindergarten and they're already using Windows 10? What OS are they using in the present day? O.o


So, the trait of "having a quirk" is localized enough that it can be tested for genetically, but it's general enough to allow multiple powers to manifest? Typical comic book understanding of genetics...

Sure...there's plenty of space. I completely buy this.

The subtle implication here being that every hero should look up to the American one, right?

All Might's face is apparently immune to this effect...for some reason.

Teach me, Sensei!

I have to admit, this series hits a lot of strong points on the music front. Still on the fence with covering it, but we'll see how the rest of the season turns out.

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