Mayoiga First Impressions (1): Not a bad start

This guy's attitude does not match the symbolism of the vehicle driving down the dark road in the rain. That either means something bad is about to happen or it's some dude watching a video on his phone. Also, the applause that keeps happening sounds fake to a stupid level...

Okay, doing introductions like this is always annoying. It's a long list of names that I'm definitely not remembering...that being said, there's no way I'm forgetting "Soy Latte".

While this whole "our online handles are the same" scene is a good way to point out that all of the names we've seen so far are just usernames, this does beg the question of how these people were gathered together. If they're so attached to their online names that they're using them as an introduction, then they must have found out about the bus online. If so, doesn't that mean they would have to be on the same site/forum/whatever? That would require a unique username, so why not use that instead of arguing over a name like "Yuuna"? Some of you might be thinking "well, what if they're email addresses with different domain names?", which is a good thought, but if the username really is so popular, then you'd think that this isn't the first time these three have run into this conflict.

In order to protect my real identity, I'm on this bus using a fake identity! Makes sense...

Main thing I'm getting from the OP animation is that these two are our main characters. They're the main ones getting solo focus in the OP on a regular basis.

Song-wise, I was pretty disappointed. The music is decent, but the vocals just sound...bad.

This guy goes on Reddit.

It's sad to say, but the voicing for this song actually sounds better than the opening song's vocals.

I'm just going to take note of what is said in this song just in case it's foreshadowing.

Monday - born to fanfare Tuesday - was an ace student Wednesday - got a pretty wife Thursday - fell ill Friday - deathly ill Saturday - dead Sunday - put in a grave

The last four days all seem pretty similar, so it might just be nothing, but I want to remember just in case. Also, the guy on the left (Hayato?) asks Mitsumune how he knows this song, but then proceeds to sing along with it...for some reason.

Sadly, I know what it's like to have an overprotective mother like this...

From the first shot, I was honestly thinking that this girl was just carsick, which explained why she was in tears holding a handkerchief to her mouth on the bus...but apparently she's the psychic of the group?

Thank you for calling him out on that, Lion.

Wait...they all wrote suicide notes as part of coming here? That's not suspicious at all...

Wow, I like this bus driver already. He straight-up tells these kids off for running away from their lives instead of facing their hardships like everyone else.

Well, that blew over quickly...screw this guy.

"Someone finally complimented me" face.

Yeah, she's not suspicious at all, right?

We're going to love this guy.

Getting a little lazy with the ED, huh? It's alright...I'm sure no one pays attention to the ED animation, right? Also, this song is much better than the OP song.

I'm definitely intrigued by the show so far. The first episode tried pretty hard to be creepy, so hopefully the series keeps it going and doesn't devolve into "nothingness". We could have a nice horror/mystery on our hands.

Next week, the village is introduced? Time for tragedy to start happening or the calm before the storm?

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lost village

  • Nightsworn

    April 2, 2016, 6:02 p.m.

    Despite hating almost everything in the episode, I'm definitely not dropping this because I'm interested in seeing where it goes as well. I just hope they don't expect us to remember anything from this episode, but it feels like there will be some things in it that are important. (Like that guy mentioning being free from his parents or something)

    Did Soy Latte even show up after her introduction? I don't remember haha.



    April 2, 2016, 6:25 p.m.

    you had fun too? :D plus, im sure only like four names are important

    ...who? i dont remember that name!


  • Nightsworn

    April 2, 2016, 7:02 p.m.

    Lol, fun is one way to put it....

    Me neither. D: I only remember something about Judgeness...



    April 2, 2016, 7:13 p.m.

    D: fun!

    im sure it wasnt important...


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