Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Final Episode (12): Quest complete!

Starting things off with a bloody helmet that I'm guessing is intended to make us think a character is dead...but they wouldn't kill a character between episodes, right?

Final surprise for the final episode is...a mascot character! There's something off about this demon's voice...or is it just me? That aside, Ranta's looking pretty safe and sound for now.


Oops...someone forgot a word.

Poor guy...

Whoa whoa whoa! You showed me this helmet bloodied in the lower floor at the beginning of the episode! How did it magically appear on Ranta's head?

Aaaaand it's gone in the very next shot...another oops for the animation team!

This is the most destructive magic I've seen all series.

This is the moment where everyone ships these two, right?

Wait...is it over? All the danger is gone? Well, I guess it's halfway through the episode, which is typically when this series cools down.

There's no way it would be that easy!

Trading Ranta for Haruhiro? Sounds like a perfect trade! Haruhiro has plot armor, so they've saved everyone!

Power of friendship activate!

Okay, even someone as inept as I am can tell that this scene was pretty poorly animated...either way, Haruhiro just got some crazy solo raid boss experience, right?

Sure, I'll pretend like I don't care how the team managed to find Haruhiro and get him out after they had already fled the scene. I'm sure it wasn't important...

Ahh the joy of video game mechanics...a random assortment of silver and bronze coins just happens to add up to exactly thirty gold.


Not much more to say on this one. Sure, they never answered the question of why everyone was brought to this world...but based on the fact that I completely forgot about that, I'm guessing that wasn't the point. It wasn't anything special, but I guess the show wasn't among the bad shows of the season.

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