Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Final Episode (25): Poor mace...

Back in the action...

Oh yeah...I forgot this dude was in the car.

I agree...we have so little time, we can't even play the opening song with the whole opening animation. Got to save those frames!

Wow...Gaelio is getting spanked. Isn't he piloting a Gundam? Is McGillis using a Gundam too? Also, I thought McGillis was talking about using Carta and Gaelio for his vision of the new Gjallarhorn. Does he not care if both of them die?

You mean "why are you here", right? Because asking "how" makes it pretty obvious that you were trying to make sure he wasn't here...just saying...

They're purposely not showing Gaelio because he's still alive, right? I mean, the oil spurting out of the chest of the Gundam when it was stabbed is symbolic and whatnot, but it's certainly not blood...

Aww man...why does this guy get to live? He was asking for it!

Don't say that, Ein! You'll activate the power of friendship!

Power of friendship go!

These characters are made of steel!

*facepalm* Orga makes the same mistake that got Biscuit killed...I get the feeling he won't be punished for this, but he really should.

It took a full 25 episodes, but I finally learned how to use a blade! RIP mace...

Oh hey...guess that's done. Why did this fight feel so short?

His eye can't see and arm won't move...yeah, we'll call these congratulatory head pats.

Season 2? I suppose there's plenty of room to have another season...we'll see how it goes. I'm still pretty pissed off that we don't get to see much of Akihiro in action, so maybe the second season is where he shines!

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