Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 11: And next on the list is...

Everything seems so peaceful...surely nothing major could happen this week, right?

Dream within a dream! But seriously...back to reality.


So not only are the kobolds sentient enough to have a religion, but they're also smart enough to recognize and respect other cultures' religions? Wow...these kobolds might be more advanced than humans.

Zombies! Oh yeah...I remember someone mentioning this when Manato died. But didn't they just say this place was a shrine? I think your holy ground is defected...

Undead apparently retain the mental capacity to cast spells...for some reason.

It wouldn't be an RPG without a Magic Missiles reference, right? On a side note, how are the kobolds not hearing this combat?

The power of friendship hugs!

Even though the fire is clearly on his back, Haruhiro apparently feels the need to pound the front of his shoulder, which understandably does nothing to put out the fire.

My Japanese is really bad, but I'm pretty sure Haruhiro said "Moguzo" here, not "Ranta".

The power of friendship is even strong enough to make the zombie regain some of its memories!

All of that work and no loot? What a rip-off! I quit this game!

Guess they totally forgot that they're in the middle of enemy territory. Premature celebrations! Hooray!


I can't tell whether they're being optimistic or just blatantly telling us that Ranta is going to survive. They wouldn't kill Ranta off-screen, right?

Typical bad guy aim...

Anyway, looks like the final episode for this series will be saving Ranta. It's also looking like they might actually have to fight Death Spots to do it. It would certainly wrap everything up neatly. I don't know what to think about Ranta showing up in the preview for next week's episode...it's almost like they're baiting me into thinking he'll survive. WHAT'S REAL??

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