Dimension W Episode 11: Power of Genesis

Epic and long battle happens off-screen. I guess we saw the beginning last week...

I don't care if the robots are directly linked with your consciousness...I don't think that reduces lag time significantly enough to overpower the amount of time it would take for the signal to travel from your body's location (which I'm guessing is in Africa) to Easter Island.

Two episodes in a row with Kyouma patting the head of a robot? What is wrong with this world?

Did we really need to waste a scene on Salva introducing himself to Kyouma? They did the montage thing to show everyone grouping up together...

Yeah, all that physics stuff we learned in school was just bullshit.

I agree with this...are we even sure she'll function correctly in Adrastea?

Can we talk about how ridiculous New Tesla's plan is? In order to protect Genesis, the official coils erase the word when it comes up. In a world with illegal coils, how does no one realize that this word is important because of how strange the official coils act around it? Plus, how do you censor a single word like that? Are the people who try to search the first book of the Bible just out of luck?

It was Loser all along!

I think all of the physicists in the world just sensed a disturbance in the Force. Also, she says that WE is supposed to denote "Dimension W energy", but uses a two-letter variable in order to confuse everyone. But hey...we'll do whatever we can to get the "E=mc^2" reference in, right?

Sure...solve for the speed of light...let's go with that.

Uhh...what? A dead mouse still has living cells in it, so they should have exploded as well, right? So what you're saying is that the "possibility" factor that only the living mouse has is either tied to the brain or is incorporeal like a soul. Either way, I'm pretty sure that's bullshit (and it almost tempts me to write a post about the soul...again).

How to piss off a scientist.

How can Kyouma remember this scene if this scene started when his unit landed? It feels like some time would have to pass before he could actually see anything.

I'm starting to think Kyouma threw Genesis somewhere while he was being transported, but that wouldn't fit back into the story. I guess I have to keep running under the assumption that Genesis has been under everyone's noses this whole time...


Well, next week ends it...

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