Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 24: Sacrifice

When did all of these injuries happen? Last thing I remember was Mikazuki taking out three mobile suits by himself. Did we miss something?

I'm not reading too much into this scene, right? This looks pretty ominous...

Okay, so minor time skip. It feels like watching the details of this battle would have been much more interesting than watching Merribit and Atra tending to the wounded...

I feel like we don't get to see the Gusion Rebake in action enough...he was relegated to the sniper post in the last big encounter.

These guys are like me...wishing that Mikazuki would just cut through the defenses with their mobile suits. But I get that they aren't supposed to use Ahab Reactors in the city.'re basically saying "we're going to trigger as many death flags as possible in this episode"? Am I supposed to agree with Orga's way of doing things? Because I really don't feel it.

Children dying for a cause...I feel like this was the beginning of Gundam 00. Why is this reversed here?

Atra's the getaway driver? Sure, this makes a lot of sense...

This kids just became kamikaze warriors...jeez this is a slaughter.

Eugene's here to save the day!

The oversized Mobile Suit archetype has always been my least favorite.

Lafter AND Azee? I would have expected at least one of them to survive...I guess Akihiro is really cursed.

I don't really have a problem with Shino dying...he's been telegraphing it for a while now.

I kinda expected Ein to go nuts before the end of the series...he seemed like the type of character that would. But I feel like I should have a problem with him seemingly going nuts after getting the Alaya-Vijnana system installed...he was unstable before and now he's just suddenly a lunatic.

Char, I think your mobile suit isn't looking red-enough, but maybe it's just the light. That being said, it's weird that McGillis is facing off against GaliGali given how McGillis was talking about him before...perhaps he's trying to knock some sense into him so they can team up to take on Gjallarhorn together?

Dramatically takes his mask off in a way that only the audience can see because he's in a cockpit and it doesn't look like he has video chat on...

Well, I honestly thought this was Atra's place to die, but it made no sense when she tackled Kudelia down. There's no way her body would be enough to stop that axe...good thing Mikazuki was here in the nick of time!

Next week, the final battle! How many will survive?

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