Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Final Episode (10): I guess there's another season...

Run! Everyone run!

Oh hey look! It's the spider robot from Wild Wild West! Anyone? Anyone know what that movie is? Ahem...anyway, too bad no one took that mission to scout its path, right?

Billy! Nooooooooo!!!

Hmm...I seem to remember someone boasting about having the strongest offensive magic...can't remember who.


Must...resist...Saber reference...I'm better than this!

She was the spy all along!! Oh wait...wrong show. I mean...it's about time they added another dimension to her character.

Haha wasn't expecting this.

What exactly is Kazuma doing here? Moral support?

Wait...what? When was anyone mocking Megumin's name? Last I remember, Kazuma was mocking Lalatina's name...which Megumin couldn't have heard. Still, guess he was there for moral support after all.

Wait...Wiz can use explosion too? I guess Megumin's about to lose a lot of bragging rights...

First off...this line. Secondly, there's no way this is actually over, right? We're still only halfway through the episode!

^ actual representation of me watching anime

Wait...there's a self-destruct sequence? Usually that's the first thing you try when something goes berserk...why exactly were the wizards that created the Destroyer unable to stop it again?

It's been a while since we last heard "Yes, I'm Kazuma".

Coronatite? Doesn't "corona" have something to do with the Sun? Is this Spiderman 2? I mean, it's a spider robot, right? I'm making the worst references today, aren't I?

Also, there's a self-destruct sequence going on right now, right? Isn't there usually a countdown? Or does the robot purposely give people this much time to shut down the self-destruct?

Sigh...I have to leave this screenshot here without context, right?

My thoughts exactly, Kazuma...

Uhh...you mean the eyelids, right? Because that's where your skin is the thinnest...just saying. But sure, let's give Kazuma a free pass to touch Aqua's chest.

...oops. Something I didn't think about until just now. How exactly does an explosion eradicate the intense heat that's coming from the robot? Doesn't it just make things worse?

I'm guessing this is happening because he teleported the coronatite to a random spot? So much for that high luck stat, right?


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