Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 10: New dungeons! New enemies!


I feel like a lot of time in this show is wasted with introducing new skills...mostly skills that don't really impact the story much more than not-so-subtly saying "they got stronger". That being said, I'm not going to get upset at Yume for learning a melee skill since they're in a cave. Ranged skills probably aren't as helpful in the restrained fighting conditions.

Random Enemy B is his rival? Good old Ranta. By the way, whatever happened to that stuff about Ranta needing to get the kill on the enemy for his class? Does that no longer matter? It feels a lot like it's been forgotten.

Kobolds did nothing wrong!

Nah...it's just waiting for you to make a move. Obviously...

...Well, I can't really argue with this. Also, he's being really loud in front of the sleeping kobolds...

Hang tight, final boss...it's not quite time for you yet. Are you here to force Ranta to work with the team with overwhelming power?

Team bonding!

I find it really hard to fully disagree with Ranta here...honestly, I think he brings up some decent points. Haruhiro is still learning as a leader, after all.

Yume practicing with throwing knives? I'm fine with this...master the ranged weapons. Also, I think someone got a little lazy with drawing the knife on the bullseye.

All of the magic used in this series is supportive buffs/debuffs...does magic just have no power in this world? That's a bit rare for an RPG world.

Well, that trap was pretty conveniently placed. Yume loses points for not noticing it (that's usually the archer's job). Haruhiro also loses half those points.

Go deeper? Sure, that seems smart...I think I remember this tactic from Danmachi.

He's here!

I guess next week's episode is aimed at dealing with Mary's personal trauma? Slight cliffhanger for this week's episode, but I don't really foresee them having trouble getting away from Death Spots.

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