Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 23: Carta's Issues

You've failed me for the last time, Carta.

Maybe I'm just extra tired today, but for some reason, I noticed the fact that Carta's mouth moves in this scene even when she's not actually saying anything.

Best compliment ever...

Yeah, that's why I gave a ship to those guys you were trying to fight! To help you!

You know what's awesome? When memory sequences have blur effects that make you question whether your eyes are failing...

I mean...this is true, but Merribit has a point. There's a reason we don't generally allow children to make many big decisions without parental guidance. Plus, that's not the point she's trying to make. I'm sure she's more saying that the atmosphere that has been created by cries for vengeance are what's dragging the kids least I hope that's what she's saying.

They're purposely not showing us Ein's body, which means it probably isn't fully recovered. Honestly, I was expecting him to be in a glass tube within the mobile suit. I'm also trying really hard not to make the "I am Gundam" joke...

Is seeing this really all that caused GaliGali to get so flustered and shaken? It looks to me like standard Alaya-Vijnana setup. Seeing this really shouldn't have surprised him... Carta identifying herself as Biscuit's killer to these guys? I'm pretty sure that doesn't end well for her...

"To a 3v3 duel, I challenge you" is all kinds of wrong. I don't even understand why you would write it like that. "I challenge a 3v3 duel" has arguably more impact if you split the lines the same way. And what reason do these guys have to accept this duel? Akihiro shot down one of your guys when you were posturing on the island. What makes you think they won't do the same thing here? Seriously, Carta is possibly the worst character in this series...

See? Mikazuki doesn't care about your silly challenge. Although this may be more because he knows she was the one that killed Biscuit.

I mean...he is fighting you 1v1 right now. How fair do you want this to be? You just lost your initiative by posturing like a dunce.

This shot is pretty awesome.

Doesn't this scene seem strange? Mikazuki attacked Carta without hesitation and killed Crank without even letting him finish a sentence. Why is he rationalizing killing Carta here? He's basically allowing himself to be interrupted by GaliGali.

Ehh...I'm fine with this.

Anyway, next week's episode looks to be a larger-scale battle. We'll finally get to see Ein in action!

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