Gate S2 Episode 22: Assassins everywhere

Someone had a lot of fun making up this line. Also, how did this battle manage to turn into straight-up men vs. women? Surely, Pina didn't restrict her hiring conditions that much...

The giant army of the Oprichnina funnels its troops into a thin corridor to attack the few soldiers of Pina's forces? Wasn't this the premise of 300?

Is this really the Pied Piper? Please don't tell me finding the culprit was that easy. This woman has to be the assistant or something, right?

Sigh...these guys fall for this. It's almost comical how stupid the plan is..."Lelei pretends to be dead".

The "real" Pied Piper seems a bit bland, don't you think? Surely, this is another misdirection...

Yes, this is exactly what we're saying.

It's not like I care about my sister or anything!

I suppose the subtle implication in this scene is anyone applying for a PhD is an upstanding person, huh?

So do the Master applicants have to submit a title or synopsis of their dissertation? I guess not if he really thinks Lelei stole his research...

Do dissertations usually have this many people participating? I get invited to some from my university every now and then, but I would never expect this level of participation. That being said, if those e-mails inviting me said "you can throw paint-filled balloons at the guy if his research is crap", I'd probably be there in a heartbeat. This looks fun!

Holy crap...this is like the audience you'd see at a high school graduation, not a dissertation review.

Is he saying he can't possibly hit a target moving that quickly? Or is he admitting that magic somehow can beat a bullet in this situation?

Yeah, this magic explosion is just right for this situation. Shooting her in the arm would have been overkill, right? There's no way this magic explosion is lethal...

I was expecting this to go a bit differently, but having Shanty stab Lelei while everyone's guard is down works too. She was gone for four days suspiciously, after all. Still, it's weird...that blow was clearly non-lethal and she must have known that Lelei would wear armor. Perhaps they're trying to carry over the other girl's plan and pretend Lelei is dead to draw out the real Pied Piper after all?

Is this supposed to be Tyuule's motive? Some sort of vengeance for being imprisoned? she was just being stupid? Well then...'s starting to sound like she wasn't tricked by Pied Piper and was acting autonomously for the benefit of Pina.

I like the way this guy thinks. Killing Lelei is too hard...we should do something easy like organize a full-on assault on the palace instead!

Move out! Time to save the day!

Looks like next week will be the first time we get to see the Japanese military in action for quite a while (I'm starting to think it's the first time this season).

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