Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Episode 9: The stuff dreams are made of

Whoa...this chess piece is half the size of Megumin (she's currently holding it with her right hand in this picture).

First off, this means that her level is irrelevant. Secondly, I've been playing Fire Emblem too much because I immediately reacted with "this trash character with crappy growth rates".

Did I miss an episode? Because I don't remember these guys getting so chummy with Kazuma...

Succubus cafe? This can't be good...




I guess we really have no idea what Darkness and Megumin's backgrounds are...just how loaded is Darkness's family? I was starting to think this was Kazuma's dream or something...

I don't usually eat very high-end food, but most crab and lobster I've eaten is generally a bit rubbery in texture. Are expensive crabs really so slurp-able and mushy? Seriously, it's like he's eating a napkin. (I'M SORRY FOR BEING SO POOR)

So...Kazuma sacrifices the real-life pleasures in order to have a good dream tonight? Is there any reason he can't just go back to the dream shop the next day and request a new dream? Even if it costs money, this dinner is free, so he should just think of it as an investment into this meal...

If anything, this episode is a good repository for reaction pictures.

HOOTING INTENSIF- *gets shot for making this joke again*

Haha! He thinks it's the dream! This is actually not a bad joke.

Kazuma's facial expressions this week...

I'm guessing she was supposed to be the one that delivers the actual dream.

Uhh...Kazuma? Why do you keep telling her to run away? She's trapped in that magic circle, right?

Please tell me this convenient amnesia is a lie Kazuma is telling.

Thank you!

Boss character is here!

The preview makes it look like they'll be facing some kind of machine next week. If I remember correctly, one of the previous episodes had a quest that was something like "go scout the direction that a giant robot thing is heading". Does it have something to do with that?

Also, I've heard next week's episode is the last one...I'm kinda okay with that...

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