God Eater Episode 10: Back after the break...

It's been a while since we've seen this series, but I guess let's do it. I had to take a quick look at some of my older posts to remind myself of what's happening. Apparently, they're trying to build a sanctuary from the Amagami and Lenka is dying because of the God Arc he uses. Something like that...

It wouldn't be God Eater if it wasn't filled with flashbacks.

I'm guessing this is Lenka? Also, this entire scene is pretty random about what parts of the scene it wants to color. I'm guessing this is done to emphasize the important parts of the shot, but it comes off as extremely lazy. I guess this is a flashback, so it's probably nothing new. I just can't remember from the first part of this series.

So let me get this straight. You stopped the series at 9 episodes...skip two seasons and come back to Lenka's childhood? I'm starting to feel cheated.

Just throwing this out there, but medications expire...I guess it's better than nothing, right?

Wheel placement!

Let me guess...this is the cliche story where Lenka is a crybaby until his family dies because Iroha sacrifices herself to save him or something.

If I remember correctly, one of the revelations from the first part of this series was that Lindow was helping a village of people who failed the God Eater test. Perhaps this is the inspiration for that?

Also, it's probably a cruel irony here that Lenka eventually passes the God Eater test, which would have gotten his family into protection.

Oh no! Lenka is sick too! That means he and his mother will be competing for any medicine the group may have found!

Wait, so he takes the test and he's positive already? So his family just neglected to go to Fenrir or what?

I think you mean "it's just a scratch".

I think the more important question here is where are they getting this fuel in the first place? The car was out of fuel before the last time skip too.

I don't understand...didn't Lindow say that family could accompany people who passed? Sure, they're not related by blood, but Fenrir doesn't need to know that...

Aragami wouldn't cause these kinds of explosions, right? Maybe they blew themselves up on purpose to try to kill some of the Aragami or something...

Good thing Lindow gave you that compass!

Why does Lenka even need the compass? He should already know which way is south with how much they've traveled so far. I guess it's a dramatic memento from his sister.

Good question.

Is this for real? You really think Fenrir cares about blood relationships? I get that space in Fenrir is limited, but you could have at least tried to ask them...

Can people really talk after slitting their own throat like that?

I know that we eventually needed this background on Lenka given how mysterious his origin was (we don't even have all of the answers since that was just an adoptive family). I wonder how well this episode flows if you watch the series all at once. I'm way too biased by the break.

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