Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 9: Day off

You know what a show that moves slowly and has a lot of dead air needs? An episode where the main characters take a break! So much excitement! Woohoo!

The start of this episode is suggesting that we're going to be focusing on Moguzo in this episode, which is fine, because we haven't really learned too much about this guy since we started.

So, I guess Shihoru's new bird-feeding obsession is an homage to that scene with her and Manato from earlier. But more importantly, this sentence is all kinds of wrong. As awkward as it sounds, "looking forward to continuing to work with you" is more correct here.

Uhh...did that aardvark thing just "meow"? Is that really the sound they make or were they too lazy to get a better sound?

While I understand that this is supposed to be nostalgic or something, it does bring up an obvious question. How exactly does Mary pay for these lodgings? Even if they're specifically for women, the place must be nicer than the standard lodging that the main group is using, right? Did she just save up a bunch of money from her past adventures?

I can't tell if the show is trying to ship these two together or just using Haruhiro to pull Mary into the team activities.

Wow...was my prediction last week correct? Now that they've avenged Manato, it's time to avenge Mary's former teammates?

Uhh...this is actually terrible reasoning. It's the kind of thing I would say in this situation and YOU DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO ME IN THIS SITUATION. That being said, it's possible that this is an adaptation that Haruhiro has developed from the incident with Manato. Manato died when the team let their guard down, so he might be trying to prevent the same thing from happening.

Why is Haruhiro even talking about "breaking the routine"? If they can't go to Damuro, then every place they choose will break the routine. He's doing a very poor job of hiding the fact that he wants to go to Cyrene Mine just to help Mary face her past. His argument is invalid!

Whoa, really? Mary is surprisingly rational in this situation.

Haven't seen her in a while...


No Game No Life King?

I guess next week, we tackle the Cyrene Mine...sooooo more action?

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