Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 22: Getting back in the action

Starting off with the aftermath of last week's battle. We're pretty close to the end of the series, so I'm hoping this doesn't drag on too long.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this conversation, but they spend a lot of time talking about both Makanai and Carta. If you spell Makanai as Magna (which feels like a legitimate way to spell that in a Western context), you'll get some Magna Carta references. I'm wondering if that's on purpose to suggest a relationship between the two? They seem like completely different people, though...

I mean...that's kinda your fault, isn't it? Why are you getting pissed off at this guy?

Ugh...please tell me no one actually thinks like this. Of course, I have no idea just how much of the nervous system is augmented when the Alaya-Vijnana system is implanted, but I still see no reason why it, in any way, dehumanizes the host. Seriously...what's the difference from that and any kind of prosthetic limb?

22 episodes in and we finally find out the origin story for the Gundam units, which were apparently designed specifically to work with the Alaya-Vijnana system. But holy crap, there are 72 of those things? We don't have enough episodes to discover them all!

Oh this where most of the Gundams are? Ein gets his pick of all of these suits? Sounds like a nice deal...

So I get that they're all dealing with their depression and all, but when did they get on this ship? That was supposed to be the final goal of the operation last week...I guess after the Biscuit death scene, they were able to all compose themselves enough to get to the ship?

We must get to the Alaska base!

She really has come a long way...but is the change too drastic?

Meh...I disagree. You can appeal to his emotions and Mikazuki can appeal to his of you should really be talking to him.

Mikazuki is brutal as always. I suppose this was the only way to snap him out of this.

Next week, we get back to the fights. I wonder if Ein will be showing up with his new's possible he only shows up at the end of the last episode Graham Aker style.

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