Gate S2 Episode 21: Let's go to war!

Getting right into the action, I see.

Wow...this is a massacre. Also, why did these guys advance in a perfect line so that the spear formation would skewer them at the same time?

Never mind what I said about action earlier...getting right back into the politics. Also, in what universe does Japan not have the power to take over the entire Empire right now? I mean...they probably don't have the soldier count to occupy every outpost in that world, but I'm sure they could take on the Empire pretty easily.

Don't worry, guys. It's totally fine that Sugawara agreed to marry this girl because we made her more mature than most adults!

Oh hey! That guy's okay too...I guess he must have gained sanctuary too despite not being betrothed to Sugawara. Lucky guy.

facepalm There are literally three words on screen and only one of them is not a name. had one job.

Apparently Noriko is becoming a journalist? Meanwhile, we still don't know anything about the guy who almost died trying to save her. Also, I agree with this guy's statement about jounalism, but I still think a journalist should strive to put forth as many objective facts as possible despite the subjective nature of the profession...maybe I'm just naive.

Oh I see...we're supposed to hate this guy. Got it!

Haha what is this face?

Someone who tricks otherwise innocent people into committing crimes? Where have I heard this before?

I don't see why people are so surprised. Lelei's choice to stay at the same inn should be the natural response. They know that they can trust these guys now and they'd be putting themselves into a much more uncertain position if they went somewhere else.

I find this surprising...given that the Pied Piper tricked them into believing the main characters were a group of a wanted criminals, I find it hard to believe that would work again. I can agree with the Pied Piper approaching the same guys again, though...that's plausible.

Lelei's newfound fame is a complication, right? If they're staying so she can do her dissertation, how does she know that the fame won't pollute the opinions of her reviewers? I'd be a bit worried if I were an academic in this situation.

How could they possibly be able to see and count/estimate that many people from the front door of the palace?

Is this really something a Japanese politician would say? If so, I give my American politician would never say this.

Looks like it's time for war! Also, the title of next week's episode (Empress in Slave's Clothing) makes it sound like Tyuule's cover might be blown.

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