Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Episode 9: Save Kayo!

Well, this all escalated quickly. It was starting to look like Satoru might have to trigger another Revival.

Isn't there supposed be blood somewhere on Satoru's mother's face? We just saw it on the snow...

Wow...these guys came out of nowhere. You would think that we would have heard the sound of snow crunching beneath their feet, right?

Wait...Kayo's grandmother? That's a bit random? What happens now? The grandmother apologizes for how she treated her daughter or something? now what? Happy ending for everyone? Even Kayo's mother? What I don't understand is why she didn't do anything up to this point. Perhaps she was respecting Akemi's boundaries or thought she would make things worse...but it feels strange that she wouldn't act to help her granddaughter.

Given that kids would have a hard time understanding this situation, I find Kayo's disinterest pretty realistic.

And now she's gone forever? However, Satoru is still in the past. That means that saving Kayo doesn't save his mother as he thought it might. What happens now? Only two kidnappings occur? When Satoru was describing the murders before, he made it sound like each of the three kidnappings had a specific purpose when it came to framing Yuuki, so it feels odd that they continue despite the fact that one of them was disrupted.

Given that this guy is currently the top suspect, this sentence feels like it's dripping with irony.

...and you apparently don't care at all that he was one of the victims despite spending so much time hanging out with him. Sure, let's focus on the other girl instead.

This scene was pretty funny. Rather than giving us the expected "I said that out loud", they toss a little variation into this scene by having the mother figure out what Satoru is thinking without him saying it out loud. Keep the joke alive!

Going hardcore stalker mode, are you, Satoru? Given Satoru's earlier statement about this being his last Revival, there's a lot less room for error on this one.

Sure...ask the unmarried guy who just told you he's cautious around relationships how to get a girl. Makes a lot of sense. This is also funny because Satoru's supposed to be about this guy's age.

Whoa adult that carries this much candy around in his car? Trying really hard to make this guy suspicious, aren't you?

And here I thought she was going to say "don't feed my son candy this late in the night" like a good parent...

Kenya is such a good bro! Easily my favorite character so far.


That's a guy, right?

This can't end well...

We've already established that the culprit is an adult, so why this ominous scene with this girl alone in the classroom? Perhaps she will be the one that tips the culprit off to Satoru's actions. This doesn't count as a cliffhanger, right? Two in a row!

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