Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Episode 8: Haunted mansions

Given the size of that fire and the sound of the wind that's blowing, I'm surprised that fire is still going. Also, I think that it would probably be warmer to just stay in the stables since it would at least block the wind.

She sounds like she wants a hug.

A new character? And she's apparently an undead lich? Yeah, that was my first guess...

Wow...this girl doesn't even get a proper introduction? We only hear about how she meets the party through anecdote? That's a bit sad...

If people can't normally learn lich skills, what makes him think he can? I think this line was supposed to be "people don't normally have access to lich skills", indicating that finding a lich to teach you is rare.

Aww...no free experience.

I get the feeling Verdia's character is more fleshed out than some of the main characters in this series...seriously, why did he have to die?

It feels a lot like they skipped over the scene where Wiz really explains to Kazuma how to use Drain Touch, but they went through the effort of showing the DNA effect when he learns the skill. That really annoys me...

Uhh..."making the best of a bad situation" would be finding ways to make the stable more comfortable, not being gifted a nicer house by luck. That sounds like a pretty good situation to me. Also, where have Darkness and Megumin been living all this time? It sounds like they're going to join Kazuma and Aqua in this mansion, so I guess their housing must not have been great.

Oh look...it's the cast of Rozen Maiden.

Is this preparing for a scene where everyone sleeps together in Aqua's room?

This screenshot seems useful for the future. Feels like just a touch of yandere without context...

Wow...they brought back this joke. Remember how I said they should have waited longer to use this as a punch line? I didn't mean wait multiple episodes!

Obvious gag aside, is this a modern toilet? I would have expected a fantasy world to use something more similar to an outhouse.


He's going to blindly use Drain Touch? The obvious gag here is that he grabs Darkness's breast when he opens the door...

Or that...seems like a waste of a joke.

Wow...they still managed to make it Aqua's fault.

I wish I could get rid of all the text in this picture. Is this scene from the preview what I think it is? I think we should all run...

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