Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 8: Epic battle time!

Let's start things off with some early morning team-building exercises!

Nicknames? One of us! One of us!

These are the real main characters of this series...

Did this guy just move a rook from the back rank to the opponent's back rank? I don't care if these guys are goblins...I see no path on the board for him to legally make that move. I see pawns blocking most files and the h-file is blocked by a knight.

This knife is apparently really important.

There's something off-putting about this entire fight sequence. It feels like the entire thing was recorded in slo-mo. Still, finally nice to have some decent action in this slow-moving series.

Given how much everyone loves Yume, I'm guessing this scene was a real stab in the shoulder...

Switch? Are we SAO now? The animation effect on Mary's staff even looked like a sword skill...

It's not just the slow-mo. There's something else off about these fight scenes. It feels like everyone is just showing up and disappearing in the next scene. For example, in the first shot, Shihoru hits the big guy in the back with the spell. In the very next scene, Moguzo suddenly shows up in front of the guy and there's a door in front of him? How does this make sense?

Oh no! The parallel situation! It's happening again! By the way, am I nuts or have only the female characters been getting these stab wounds in this episode?

Oh, I see. The dagger is only meant to identify Manato's killer so Haruhiro can finally have his sweet revenge.

I still have no idea what to feel about scenes like this one. This entire part of the episode felt pretty boring, honestly.

Power of friendship heals all!

Wait...what was Haruhiro about to say? Did his confession just get interrupted? Nah, there's no way that would make sense, right?

So, now that the group has finally gotten revenge on the goblin that killed Manato, is it time to handle the monster that killed Mary's party? That guy didn't seem too strong! Unfortunately, the preview seems to indicate that next week's episode is going to be pretty uneventful. The second half of this episode was cooling down from the battle in the first half...do we really need another episode to cool down?

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