Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 21: Land battle start

Quick reminder at the start of the episode that Biscuit has more family members on his mind. How long are they going to draw out his disagreement with Orga?

Let's all agree that a family with the last name "Issue" is a bit ridiculous. Please tell me this is just translators having some fun.

Seems like the only plan available. Not sure how Kudelia plans to get a ship, though. Ask McGillis?

This guy tries to cheer up the gloomy guy with pretty empty promises. He's the pilot of the rebuilt Graze, right? This feels like a pretty big death flag.

Promise to talk about things after the big battle suggests that Biscuit or Orga will die. I know I'm raising a lot of death flags, but this is probably the last major battle of the series, so anything is possible.

Saying "I couldn't tell him" feels like a setup for saying "and now I'll never have the chance".

I love that Mikazuki would rather use what looks like a blunt object rather than use a katana. They're really shoving into our face the fact that beam swords are unlikely in this world.

Akihiro as a sniper seems really unnatural...but this scene was still cool.

Carta's really lucky Akihiro's on the shore...otherwise, she would have been shot for doing this.

HAHAHA! Never mind, then. Akihiro knows exactly what I'm thinking. Thanks for the punish!

Did Mikazuki just break their formation with a nut shot? This episode just isn't taking things seriously, is it?

The fact that he's bragging about how strong they are with the Alaya-Vijnana system makes me feel like something is going to happen to make him eat his words. Is it still too early for enhanced Ein to show up?

Wait...wouldn't spreading out be more favorable for simultaneous attack? Wouldn't you want to group up to focus each target if you were trying to take them down one by one?

Ahh...the old "lure them into the exploding house" trick. Nice.

Uhh...Orga, should you really be stopping in the middle of the open runway with no cover like this?

Yeah, that will happen...

This is why you never make promises before the big battle. I think the more important piece to get from this scene is the fact that Mikazuki still hasn't killed Carta. I get that he's probably distracted with trying to find out what's going on with Biscuit, but it's really looking like she'll survive through this.

While I'm surprised Shino hasn't died, you have to admit the episode was screaming at us that Biscuit would die. Next week, another funeral? From the preview, it sounds like will come back into play. It's weird that GaliGali seems to be acting like he did Ein such an injustice by implanting him with the Alaya-Vijnana system, but it's exactly what Ein asked him to do...

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