Gate S2 Episode 20: Sherry's struggles

I guess flipping a coin would be too obvious...still, I approve of this method of choosing the path.

Yeah, kick out those Mexi- err Special Region refugees! That's the way we do things in the modern world!

Yeah, Pina...I'm sure this conversation couldn't have waited until you were finished with your bath.

That's what the Oprichina look like? That's not sketchy at all. Zolzal basically hired hunters the senators. Also, the maids stupidly scream when these guys kick in the door, basically giving away the lords' positions.

That's either a death flag or a lie that he's telling Sili-Sherry so that he can stay behind and give himself up.

And now, she can go crying into the arms of Sugawara...they're really trying to push the lolicon role on him, huh?

Seriously...where else would he go? I say just send everyone to the Jade Palace.

Did she really just convince this guy to buy fewer of her pearls because his wife would force him to buy more if he took all of them? Wow, Sherry is shrewd...

God damn those RPG protagonists looting all the villager houses!

Oh hey...I forgot about these girls.

All of that talk about the changing of the guard and they just walk in the front door? What was even the point of that conversation then?

Given how Sugawara has been trying to keep Sherry at arm's length up until now, I find it funny that she says that he will act as her future husband. There's no way she- WAIT! Did she say the captain's name is Beef Eater? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Did Sugawara really say no after hearing Sherry was one of the refugees in question? I mean...I think that it's the correct move not to act on his emotions like that when there's a war brewing. That being said, I get the feeling I'm going to be eating my words soon.

Yup. Though, this was starting to become obvious given how desperately Sherry was begging him.

This scene is all kinds of weird, right? Also, it begs the only Sherry saved here? What about the other guy?

But yeah...not really much else going on in this episode. I suppose next week's episode is just dealing with the ramifications of what Sugawara just did.

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