Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Episode 8: Family time!

Build that suspense!

Aaaaaand we're good?

Please tell me the guy in charge of these subs did this on purpose...asking a "frank question" while Satoru is eating sausages. This was funnier than it should have been.

So...Kayo's not going to tell Satoru about her midnight visitor? Let me guess. She's probably trying to keep him from worrying or something.

"Slo-mo indicating someone important" cliche. I had to check back to a picture from one of my earlier posts because I was suspicious about this name. This is one of the victims from the original kidnappings. Perhaps she'll become the new first victim and the next target of Satoru's attention?

Do teachers normally say this? It would only make sense if she had a habit of disappearing for multiple days, which makes no sense given how much her mother would want her to keep appearances. I suppose he's just trying to stay positive for the kids. I think a normal teacher would have lied and said her parents told him she was sick.

I'm not sure what calling the police accomplishes here. Does Satoru expect the mother to be in such disarray that she'll give herself away? Or is he expecting the police to call neglect because the mother hasn't reported Kayo missing? I don't really get the game plan...

Am I being too suspicious of the fact that this scene keeps the camera focus on the teacher? I mean, to be fair, I've been suspicious of this guy since the first time he appeared.

Looks like Kayo's mother's plan is "if I ignore the problem, it will go away". I learned how ineffective this strategy is when I was 10.

We have no idea where the mother went, but sure...let's just talk about our plan out in the open! Brilliant!

This line is pretty bad. Why is it worded such that Satoru is talking like this already happened? I'm not saying that he couldn't have known this would's very believable that he would know this. But why would he be talking about it like it's a memory? Probably a translation error.

Finally! Kayo got Satoru back! All of the weird faces he's made her show and now he's the victim! the culprit didn't come to the bus to find Kayo? It was just a freak accident that he happened to use that bus to store his gear for the next kidnapping? Wow, that's pretty convenient for our heroes.

A clue! I guess camera phones weren't a thing in this time, so I won't make the obvious "take a picture of it" comment.

Wait? So the killer did know about Kayo being here and it was actually Satoru who just happened to pick a hiding location next to the second victim's school? This is really starting to support my theory that Satoru's actions in the past aren't having the preventative effect he wants.

Still not old...also, I was as confident as Satoru was about his mother being cool with this.

I like how perceptive Satoru's mother is. It makes her a better character and makes sense given that she deduces the true culprit in the future.

He's helping...right?

Oops! The time traveler slip!

HAHA! He actually said yes! This scene!

And so Kayo finally found happiness! Good end?

Always nice to have an episode that doesn't end on a cliffhanger. I mean, there was the dramatic confrontation with Kayo's mother, but she's pretty much screwed now. Honestly, I was expecting the episode to end with Satoru finding out that the second kidnapping had happened, as a way to damper the mood and start a new mission.

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