Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Episode 7: Kazuma, take the deal!

I know that feel, buddy...that's typical MMORPG mentality.

Weird...I had the impression that she was fine with sleeping in the stable.

Typical Aqua...where are her debts even coming from if half the city is destroyed? Is it really just the bar tab?

Really? All of those adventurers got part of the reward? I really hate large-scale party events...

I don't usually pay too much attention to the eyecatch, but I'm pretty sure Megumin is flying here. Has she ever displayed this ability yet?

Mobile fortress? Is this a steampunk world? Also, if you know that this Destroyer thing is coming, how do you not know which direction it's heading? You had to have seen it to know it was coming, right?


Aqua interrupts this seemingly important piece of information and Kazuma just decides "eh, probably not a big deal?" Does this guy really have a high intelligence stat?

Dango Daikazoku?

Did this just turn into Legend of Zelda?

First off, how does Aqua know about this? Shouldn't she be as ignorant of this world as Kazuma is? I understand Megumin knowing, but this is a bit much. Also, she waits until now to say this?

Are they expecting the Winter Shogun to just forget about the 9 sprites that were killed just because Aqua released 3?

Hey! He died in a stupid way again! That's funny, right? Except it doesn't really make sense that the Shogun only cut through the sword of Darkness but decided cut both Kazuma's weapon and body.

Take 2: New goddess

Umm...do we really need a recap of the first 6 episodes?

He wants to go back! I guess this is Aqua resurrecting him? She has a skill like that, right?

This was actually kind of funny.

There were a lot of English errors in this episode, so I didn't want to point out every one, so I'll just go with the most obvious one here.

Retired? But why? I thought the quest said "100,000 eris per kill". They should have earned 900,000 eris for the 9 kills, right?

First off, I totally thought that the way Kazuma was remembering Eris was just going to be the preparation for showing her major character flaw, but I guess it was just a way to distract him from the food being order...seems a bit cheap. Secondly, Darkness chooses slime monster or tentacle rape? Sigh...this is anime...

So...next week introduces a new character? Seems like it from the preview...

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