Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 7: Joining the team

In case you don't remember Mary's story from last week, here's a reminder!

I understand the message that's trying to be conveyed with this line and I don't really blame the series for using it, but I'm seriously getting tired of the "I left a part of myself behind" line.

How funny would this scene have been if everyone had shifted their gaze at Ranta when this line was said? But this show is serious...sigh...

It actually disgusts me how much this series shoves down our throats the message of "YOU MUST HATE RANTA". I get it already...this guy is scum. You don't want people to like him. Yeesh...

I think Ranta is forgetting that everyone in the group had an actual group to talk to when Manato died. Even Ranta was able to vent his frustrations on Moguzo and Haruhiro in the tavern, and yet he refuses to give Mary the same courtesy. But like I said before...we're just supposed to hate this guy.

Oh I see...Ranta's basically saying "why are you guys trying so hard to be nice to Mary, who refuses your friendship, and refuse to do the same for me". A childish thing to say, but he has a point. The group forgives Mary so easily, but don't stop to think that Ranta's personality might come from a similar tragedy (although how could he remember it?).


Oh, this is actually very perceptive of Haruhiro. After hearing Mary's story, everyone would naturally be guarded around her because they want to respect her feelings, but it unintentionally gives the impression that they're avoiding her...and so, Mary believes they're preparing to kick her.

One of us! One of us!


Common grammatical mistake. "Everyday" is an adjective, so it has to describe something. For example, a correct way to use it would be to say something like "these everyday tasks". In this situation where you want to say that something happens daily, you actually want "every day" as two words.

Wow...these guys are really studying up on these goblins. I wonder how many other kinds of monsters there are in this world.

Episode 7 and Yume is finally an archer. But I guess this world is stat-focused after all. They were keeping it under wraps by not mentioning "level ups", but it's clear that skills are the way to get infinitely stronger, so they somewhat mimic levels.

Yup, this conversation is totally normal.

"Main character reaches for the sun/moon" cliche.

I'm really not sure what to make of next week's episode. I guess more integration for Mary. Are they also going to go after the goblins that took Haruhiro's knife? They seem like they could end up being a "final boss" for this series.

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