Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 20: Deciding a new path

It's Earth! But can Shino be a good lookout if he's looking towards the shore instead of towards the ocean? Does he expect a land assault?

Finally we get to find out who this old guy is.

I'm completely on board with turning Ein into a cyborg. Finally he'll be able to fight on par with the Alaya-Vijnana system.

New enhancements for the Barbatos? Woohoo!


Yup...pretty much like I called it last week. Let's give Ein the Alaya-Vijnana system!

Wait...each of these guys gets half a fish? Just how many fish did they bring?

Yeah, Orga...I'd be asking the same thing.

Yay! Blackmail!

And while Orga and the rest of the group are down on Earth dealing with politics, Eugene is up in space having the time of his life. Was this scene meant to further force Orga's hand? Because if Eugene is currently docked with the Oceanian Federation, Orga can't really risk getting on the old dude's bad side, right?

This scene's not bad...Naze forces Orga to make his own decision rather than using his diplomatic connections as excuses.

Time for Biscuit to split with the group? If it's only Biscuit, then it must have something to do with his brother, right? But Eugene would have noticed if Biscuit was being threatened by his brother, so I'm guessing he got some sort of message from his brother.

Oh, I Savarin killed himself. Here I was thinking he was actually going to show up again because of how he appeared in the worker rebellion. I guess Savarin only exists to mess with Biscuit.

Oh ho! The parallelism! Surely Biscuit knows that escaping isn't so easy, right?

If Carta is strong-arming through the Oceanian Federation protection, I'm guessing it means that the "retreat from Mars" option is no longer available for Tekkadan. What was even the point of the episode if it ends up like this?

Anyway, next week's episode looks to be the beginning of the Earth battles. It also looks like the tanks from the very beginning of the series will be making a comeback. Should be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing the new Earth-combat enhancements for the Barbatos.

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