Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Episode 7: Desperation mode

So is Satoru just recognizing the culprit here from his encounter with him in episode 1 or does he actually know who it is?

So I've been fine with this voice actor's style for most things up to this point. This shout sounded really I the only one who thought that?

And we're back! I guess this is a logical place to return. Remember when this museum scene happened the first time? There were a lot of hints that Satoru had already done these things with Kayo despite his efforts to change the past. I guess this is the story's way of confirming that his actions in the museum were too similar to what he did the first time, so he was sent back here to fix things on the third attempt.

Wait...what? These guys weren't here the last time, right? Satoru hasn't even done anything and the events are changing?

He knows this...why? This scene would have been a lot more poetic if he framed it as "I don't know if I'll be lucky enough to get another chance to fix the past, so I have to treat this like my last chance". I'm guessing that's what this line is trying to say, but it's not obvious from the wording.

Is this going to change the future somehow? Because if so, I refuse to believe Satoru's mother will be able to remember this when it becomes relevant.

Kenya showing off some nice perception. Has he figured out that this Satoru is a completely different Satoru than the one he knew?

YES! HE KNOWS! I like this character instantly!

Haha nice!

This scene isn't bad and all, but doesn't it feel weird? If Satoru is making sure Yuuki has an alibi, doesn't that contradict his belief that he cannot fail this time to save Kayo? If he makes it harder for the killer to use Yuuki as a patsy, I'm guessing it becomes a lot harder for him to catch the culprit in the act. This feels like the wrong approach.

This line is actually pretty refreshing. Most series use an excuse like "we need to preserve the fabric of space-time" to justify minimizing their effects on the past. This reasoning is actually quite nice...making sure that everything still plays out in a way Satoru can predict.

Kenya's here to keep Satoru from getting too emotional. I like this dynamic in this loop. I mean...let's be honest. What exactly what Satoru trying to do there? Was he really going to push Kayo's mother down the stairs?

He cares a little bit too much about keeping Hinazuki alive...shouldn't he be much more invested in saving his mother in the future? that by me again?

Yeah, Kenya...the sled marks and footprints leading to this bus are very nondescript.

They're leaving Kayo in the bus alone? Are we sure this is going to work?

Yeah, stay with her if you really want to protect her!

Uhh...that's not what I meant. he trying to save Hiromi too? If so, this is the first time he's taken action to help save the person that was actually in his group of friends. Or is Hiromi just here to play cards and keep Kayo entertained?

CLIFFHANGER! Must not be a very good hiding place if the culprit was able to find it in two nights.

I'm so glad that this week's episode brought Kenya into the foreground. I've been curious about his character ever since he was introduced and it was nice to see him helping out. His introduction really emphasized the desperation we saw in Satoru in this second loop.

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