Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Episode 6: Mid-Boss

Wait...so Megumin has still been blowing up the castle every day? I thought she needed Kazuma to carry her back after she cast it.

Yeah, Kazuma! Thank you for being perceptive enough to realize this!

Wait...his name isn't Dullahan? Everything I know is a lie!

Well, that's just awkward. Too bad there's no way for this guy to know when his curse triggers.

This is probably not something you should say after finding out your big curse was dispelled instantly...just saying.

If this were Disgaea, we would have named this guy "Mid-Boss" already. In fact, why don't we just do that now? Also, this fight is every priest player's dream come true.

Uhh...have the two "turn undead" shouts not tipped you off that there's a priest standing right in front of you?

Noob priest aggroing the mob. Also, why exactly is she not just trying to turn these undead? What are the rules in this world. If we're following D&D; rules, you only have a certain number of turns per day, which means that Aqua wasted her uses on the strongest enemy.

Yeah, let's all stand still in the vortex gathering around us while the mage speaks an incantation...this seems very smart.

The city has an "ace in the hole"? Is it Kyouya? Because I think that guy got enough screen time last week.

Oh hey Sauron!

Wait...those rocks were destroyed by Darkness? Because she missed? Holy crap, her aim is even worse than I expected.

I know that some people are really into this kind of thing, but I think the masochism gag is getting a bit stale...doesn't Darkness have any other ways to be funny?

Undead are weak to water? Since when? I mean, maybe holy water, but regular water shouldn't have any effect. I can't think of any games where undead are weak to water...anyone else got some examples?

Wait...so the head is just an accessory and not an actual part of his body? Sucks to be you, Mid-Boss.

Seriously? They devoted so much time to this gag for Darkness? It's not funny at all...

"Main heroine is a bad drunk" cliche.

He's famous!

Okay, I have to admit the "sneak away" line from Aqua was hilarious. Also, "main character gets big break only to have the money wasted instantly" cliche.

Next week's episode: a new character?

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