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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 6: Mary's almost there...

Oh hey...a female character apologizing for misunderstanding a main character's relationship with another female character. That's pretty rare...

Huh...I guess Yume really has no common sense. Please tell me she's doing this on purpose.

It's scenes like this that make me think Ranta's character might have some hope.

People think that this might be a snarky way to answer the question "what did you have for breakfast?", but there are plenty of people who don't eat breakfast. At least Mary is giving some information, right?

Yeah, I guess the bold "CRITICAL HIT" indication would be a bit too unrealistic...

Team bonding!

Ahh, I always love it when support characters act like this...

I like this scene. Shihoru is exactly the right person to propose the mindset of a shy girl to give Mary the benefit of the doubt.

Part of me hopes that Haruhiro's internal struggles with the leader role end up reaching a point where he realizes that Manato also didn't ask to be leader. It's not like Manato was the best leader either, right?

As someone who has some experience playing D&D;, I can say that this is one of the things I always hated about the warrior class.

Nice shot from Mary, but what the heck is going on with Haruhiro's eyes?

"It's not like I..." what? Tell us more, Mary! I guess she's turning...

And so, Mary's back story is finally revealed! It's very similar to Manato's story except that she's still alive to feel the weight of guilt. Also, this story is basically validation for everyone who's ever played a healer class. "Yeah, I don't do damage, but my role makes me equivalent to like three of you guys!" Yeesh...

So, I'm guessing next week's episode will resolve Mary's story? I'm sure they won't dwell on this too long. The preview gives next week's episode title as "They Were Called Goblin Slayers", implying that the team names itself after finally reaching a state of "completion".

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