Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 19: Journey to Earth

Is this entire opening scene supposed to be forced romantic progression? Because I think it is!

Orga seems really upset that McGillis gave him the fake name "Montag". If Mikazuki can so easily identify him, is it really that important to have his name? Or was Orga just trying to trick him into saying it?

"My male love partner has such big hands" cliche. Seriously...I'm guess tired of this passing for "romance".

Wait, she's really tsundere for McGillis? Sigh...I guess that means she's going to be important to the story...

Whoa...that screen disappeared before she even finished the hand gesture. This futuristic technology is pretty good!

This is actually a pretty funny way to attempt to cheer Eugene up. "Don't worry about messing up...we expected that much."

She's in a flashback? Yeah, she's definitely important to the story. Apparently, she's the childhood friend, which means she probably dies to motivate McGillis, right?

This entire montage with McGillis talking in the background sounds like the preparation for a final battle. I guess getting on Earth really is the final goal of this series.

Eugene's time to shine! Also a death flag, but who knows?

So the two ships split up and the guy manning the weapons asks which one to shoot. This is not an appropriate response. How did Carta become a captain?

And apparently, this order gets interpreted as "shoot the ship that was in front"...which makes no sense because that ship was being used as a shield and was obviously meant to be shot down. Why would anyone do this?

Wait...Mikazuki has the mace back? There was a scene in the last space battle specifically devoted to showing us that the mace had flown off. What was the point of that?

It was nice that these girls get a final cameo before splitting from Tekkadan, but this was no mere cameo. Holy crap, this scene was awesome with how they passed weapons to each other. That display of synergy really gave their entrance impact.

Okay, let's go over the chain of events. Ein gets a reading from his mobile suit from Gali Gali's battle against Mikazuki, so he abandons his fight and rushes over just in time to take the lance attack for Gali Gali. There's no way his suit picked up the throwing of the lance, so what exactly did he detect?

Also, Ein's suit didn't explode, so I'm guessing he's still alive. Given that he'll likely need advanced surgical attention to recover, I'm also assuming he'll use this opportunity to get the Alaya-Vijnana system installed as he mentioned to Gali Gali last week.

Iconic Char character gets the iconic Char red mobile suit. I'm not complaining...this suit looks awesome.

It really looked like this guy's was just left here to kill someone in the atmosphere re-entry scene, but I guess he was only meant to split Mikazuki from the rest of the group. My bad...I was being too morbid.

We knew he was going to survive because he's the main character, but this scene was pretty awesome.

And so, landing on Earth means the end of the space battles...too bad. If the rest of the season is supposed to take place on Earth, what's the finale supposed to look like?

  • Irenesharda

    Feb. 14, 2016, 6:39 p.m.

    Just a couple of things. Why would you assume that "Montag" ISN'T his real name? He has no reason to lie, they already know all the important things. Remember that McGillis is adopted, so Fareed really isn't his real last name. You wanna bet it's actually McGillis Montag?

    Also, it would really make little sense for Ein to get the A-V system. He's too old for it to work since it need a person whose body is still growing in order to build the extra lobe in the brain. Also, who would tell them to do the surgery anyway? Ein is out of it, Gaelio wouldn't do it, and it's considered barbaric pretty much everywhere other than the slums of the outer sphere.

    Also, this has got to be the third or forth time Mika has lost the mace in on episode just to get it back the next. Just chalk it up to them going back for it every time.



    Feb. 14, 2016, 6:47 p.m.

    didnt consider that...i can totally see that

    even if that's the case, i cant help thinking this injury is too convenient and should pave the way for some sort of modification

    well, im still pointing it out every time!


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