Gate S2 Episode 18: Back to school!

Well, I'm glad he doesn't just get away with his reckless gallivanting...

So basically, he can do whatever he wants?

"Smart character is a bad driver" cliche. She gets a pass, though, since cars aren't a thing in this world.

Mages in the magic town are illogical...I see what you did there.

The manservant treatment

How much more fun would PhD dissertations be in our world if the reviewers got to throw stuff at you if they didn't like your paper? Wouldn't it make you want to become a distinguished professor so much more?

So, the masters (or academics of this world) are isolated in their (ivory) tower? Yeah, this episode isn't making jabs at the state of academia at all...

This face...

Oh boy, a sibling rivalry! I guess they had to have some sort of conflict in the Lelei story.

This is kind of a random time to be switching to Sugawara's relationship with Sili- err...what was her real name again?

She's thinking what we're all thinking...

What exactly is going on here? So what if Zolzal talks to a group of people on the side? I have no idea why Pina would have a problem with Zolzal doing this. Shouldn't she be happy that he makes the effort to gain the trust of the people?

This scene looks like Zolzal is preparing to go to war. Does he really think that will work? Or is this just preparation for more espionage tactics like the attempted assassination of Noriko?

Why does she just refer to the people in this group by first name? Does she expect the emperor to know who they are? I can see him knowing Itami's name because Japanese names are probably unique in this world and Rory's name because she's a demigod, but I see no reason for him to know any other names.

You see how she has to go through and describe everyone in the main cast? She could have made this entire thing simpler by saying the fire dragon was defeated by a Japanese man named Itami Youji, leading a group including Rory, the Apostle of Emloy, an elf, a dark elf, and a student of Kato. That would have avoided any possible confusion. There's absolutely no value in giving their names.

Yeah, forget the other characters...Lelei is the only one that's important because she's an American Imperial citizen!

So, it looks like Tyuule's plan was to poison the emperor so that Zolzal becomes king? It's not a bad plan, but the only question I have is: why did Zolzal just now become the crown prince? He hasn't been doing anything up to now...

The preview for next week's episode seems to highlight Zolzal and his siblings, but the title of the episode suggests that the focus is Lelei and her sister.

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