Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Episode 6: The culprit!

Show is trying to distract us from the cliffhanger at the end of last week's episode with this extension of the conversation about Airi's parents. Also, I have a problem with this entire story sounding like the father was kicked out. If anything, he had all of the reason to leave the mother given the way she treated him like a criminal. That being said, he loses points for abandoning a child.

Looking good so far for our heroine...

Nicely done, Airi...I thought maybe you were dooming yourself by giving the phone up to show Satoru the message, but you were really just thinking ahead.

The culprit?

Nope, not the culprit...this guy's either a reporter (based on his cameras) or a detective.

Oh, that's who it is...I totally forgot about that guy!

Sigh...let me guess. Sachiko isn't going to tell this guy who the real culprit is because she wants to get proof first, right?

No, tell him now! What's wrong with you? You should only act like this if he's the real culprit, which we can probably assume isn't the case.

So what does this mean for Kayo? Did the real killer happen upon her body and see it as a convenient way to put blame on Yuuki? Or is Kayo's mother really innocent? Perhaps the real killer devised the plan because he knew Kayo's mother would be unlikely to report Kayo's body given the suspicions surrounding her and Satoru accidentally played right into his hand by trying to expose her.

Well, this is 100% a red herring. The hand is slender, so I'm guessing it's a woman's hand. Plus, the killer wouldn't kill her in such a public place, right?

Wait, so Hiromi actually died? Again, why was Kayo's death so much more traumatizing for Satoru than the death of someone that he played with regularly?

Unlike the previous list, I'm very willing to accept that the killer's name is on this list. In fact, I'm really hoping Satoru gives us the name at the end of this episode as some sort of dramatic reveal.

Very good red herring with the "she's sleeping" line from the nurse. It's often used in murder mysteries because sleeping patients can often be indistinguishable from dead patients in hospital beds. But yeah...that thing I said before about the hand being too small kept me from falling for it.

For those of you saying "what does inhaling smoke have to do with not knowing your savior", I say asphyxiation can cause hallucinations, so these detectives are not actually total morons.

Hey...remember that part at the beginning of the episode that looked like a distraction from the cliffhanger? Time to make it relevant to the story! Now, her mother's just going to believe her because of that statement she made about Airi's father about "wishing she had believed him".

Oh no! A suspicious car following Airi!

Not even adult Satoru is immune! that it? That can't really be the true culprit's name, right?

How to get all the ladies!

He's here!! Does the killer really have red eyes? Because Satoru flashes back when he sees them. That must make him really easy to identify...

Also, is this the trigger for another Revival? With his "farewell" to Airi, it seems like perfect timing for Satoru to go back to child form again.

All of that aside, this week's episode felt really strong. Did you feel the suspense at basically every moment like I did? The scenes did a really good job of making it feel like something terrible was going to happen to Airi at every step of the episode. Honestly, it made the episode seem to drag on and on.

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