Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Episode 5: The great goddess of purification...

The "oh my god, what am I doing with my life?" face...don't you hate it when that happens?

This is pretty much me in MMOs...the guy who keeps begging the party to do some harder quests. And I'm the jerk?

Again, something I would do...but for such different reasons.

I agree! It's almost like it was put there to advance the plot and validate your role in the team!

She just needs to touch the water and the monsters will go away, right? Please tell me his idea is to lower her on a crane...or launch her into the water with a catapult. Because that would actually be funny.

Just stick her in the water with a cage to protect her while she purifies the water? Sigh...they could have made this gag so much funnier...

This feels like such a waste of a gag. They have Darkness immediately break the pattern by attempting to insist she doesn't need to use the bathroom when she clearly does...I was more hoping that the battle against the alligators would get them trapped hiding in a cave or something. That way, the punch line of one of the girls needing to use the bathroom would be much funnier.

I mean...this is her own fault for not doing this from the start.

You see? This joke is actually funny! Because earlier in the episode, Aqua flashed her goddess status at Kazuma and insulted him for being a NEET. See what happens when it looks like your gags are actually thought out?

This is kind of a random way to introduce a new character, but sure! Not only is he from the same world as Kazuma, but it looks like he came here through Aqua as well. Given that Aqua's team just traumatized her with the cage tactic, maybe he'll try to convince her to join his group instead or something...

Okay, I have a problem with this scene. Remember when Aqua said that Kazuma only got to choose one thing to bring with him to the new world? In Kyouya's case, I'm guessing he chose the sword...so where did he get that heavy armor? Kazuma showed up with the clothes he was wearing when he died and I highly doubt Kyouya was the type of guy who walked around in the modern world with a full set of armor. So, it looks like Kyouya got to choose two things, the cheating bastard.

Whoa whoa...sure this guy is misunderstanding the situation, but can you really blame him? Why do these girlsĀ hate Kyouya so much? They just don't like pushy guys?

I hate it when swords have silly rules like "only this guy can use it". Kazuma clearly used the sword right there...even if it wasn't a slash, it was the same motion as a slash, just hitting with the blunt part of the sword. So how exactly is this sword limited to Kyouya? It looks like Kazuma could easily use it as a makeshift mallet. Heck, if it was really restricted to Kyouya, the Steal shouldn't have worked at all.

Uhh...what exactly are these girls scared of? They just saw Kazuma use steal on Kyouya and get his sword. Why are they acting like they know he'll get their panties if he uses it on them? At worst, they should only be expecting to lose a main weapon like Kyouya, which doesn't warrant the "please don't rape me" faces.

See? Kyouya just found out that he steals panties...there's no reason for his allies to be so scared.

FALCON- oh I made that joke already with a different show? Fine...

Ouch...when the chuunibyou is saying that, it must really sting.

Round 2: FIGHT!

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