Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 18: Words!

Continuing from where we left off last time, here's Kudelia's speech! It's interesting that she just flat-out tells everyone what happened at the protest...I wouldn't expect people to believe her.

Sigh...police logic. Aren't you basically admitting that you caused the massacre if you do that? Also, "arrest all the things!"

The song that's playing right now sounds really cool and folksy, but I wish it would have swelled up into something more epic.

This guy again?

The big reveal? Negotiations with the mask!

Oh hey...he's a half-blood. Well, at least we finally know why Ein is so obsessed with avenging Crank. I'd also be cool with Ein getting the Alaya-Vijnana system installed. He needs a better gimmick than "I will avenge Crank" in every battle.

Haha...Mika saw through McGillis in an instant. He didn't even hear his voice, so it was purely by appearance. Is that even possible??

We must change Gjallarhorn...from within!

I know these kids are being taught how to write from Kudelia, but..."tamoto"? No one thought it would be a good idea to fix that?

...sigh...they're really trying to make people hate this woman from the first impression, huh?

This scene is interesting because of how they seem to emphasize the fact that there's a hidden truth. Is it just a general statement about people? Or is there some hidden side to Kudelia's background that we don't know yet?

Seriously? That's like the third tablet they've shown in this episode with a widescreen video that isn't rotated. Why do these people insist on watch such a low-quality shot? Just rotate the tablet and it will fill the screen!

She wants Akihiro so bad...

A new team is formed!

Harem Master Mikazuki strikes again!

More space battles next week! It looks like there will be an Earth atmosphere entry scene for the Barbatos, so that should be's a very easy place to kill a character.

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