Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Episode 5: The culprit??

The character for "hope" is plastered across the wall behind him? That's about as subtle as slapping a guy in the face with a fish.

This feels a lot like a misdirect. Is Kayo actually alive?

Oh...never mind then. But if she's truly dead, is it for a different reason this time? I don't see the kidnapper's involvement. Unless, the kidnapping was a smokescreen organized by her mother to cover her disappearance...seems a bit thin, though. The other possibility is that she found Kayo's dead body and knew that the bruises would implicate her as the culprit, so she's purposely hiding the body to avoid jail.

I get that these are little kids and they need to be protected from the real world, but this excuse pisses me off for some reason.

It looks like the original kidnappings are still happening. Is this really the work of a separate kidnapper or is Kayo's mother really the mastermind? It feels too easy, doesn't it?

Ouch...that one has to hit him right in the pressure point.

Oh hey...we're back to the present time and that looks a lot like Satoru's mother's blood on his hand. So I'm curious. Is this the first time Satoru has ever gone forward in time? Evidence would indicate that it is, but that would mean that he has never failed to prevent the tragedy that triggered his Revival before now.

So does he hope that this guy just doesn't watch the news? In today's society, it's not a bad assumption, but it feels pretty tenuous for a game plan.

Never mind...busted.

Since she's the heroine, she will definitely believe him. And either she's been watching too many crime dramas (like me) or she knows way too much about how police operate for some reason.

This must be the "hope" from the wall at the start of the episode. With this information, Satoru gains confirmation that his actions truly changed the past, so now he can feel confident about going back again to fix it.

This feels important for some reason. Either she's got her own story that will need to be resolved by Satoru (or maybe it's just there to explain why she chooses to help him) or she's connected to the mystery somehow.

So this guy didn't seem like a detective or police officer since he was talking to the manager about business decisions, but this ominous scene certainly makes it look like he's relevant to the story. He feels too random to be the killer, though...maybe I'm overthinking it.

Maybe I'm really paranoid (Airi probably is too if she didn't tell him about Satoru here), but this feels like he's trying to turn Satoru in again.

Paranoia...for the win! Also, how did she know to suspect him? I suppose it's highly likely that Satoru told her about him. It's also possible that she knew where the manager lived and realized Satoru was fleeing from there when she found him, but that might be giving her too much credit.

FALCON PAAAWWNCH! Oddly satisfying...

She divorced him for refusing to admit to stealing a chocolate bar? Is this real life or some crappy soap opera? You married this guy and the thought "hmm...if he's denying it so much, maybe there's something else going on here" never crossed your mind?

Also, was the "Sasaoka" sign at Airi's house really there just to set up this story? There has to be more to it than that, right?'re totally triggering me by saying that.

Never mind the fact that the killer, for some reason, thought this would work. When did Satoru's mother get Airi's phone number? The only explanation for this is that the killer got her number a different way. Are they acquainted?

Hahaha! Yeah, right, like I'm going to believe she's actually dead. The cliffhanger means Satoru probably comes running in at the start of next week's episode. Either that or Satoru will have to go back in time to fix it. I find it a bit hard to believe since the last trip to the past brought him right back into the same fiasco (running from the police) with very little change other than a date for Kayo's disappearance. However, I guess it's possible that he needs Airi to die in order to trigger another Revival back to the past to save Kayo. What to do?

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