Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Episode 4: Dullahan and the Headless Horse

I'm conflicted about this skill. On the one hand, having the ability to get fresh water whenever you want is pretty important in a fantasy world because indoor plumbing isn't a thing. On the other hand, doesn't Aqua already have Nature's Beauty, which can produce healing water? This skill can't be any better than hers, right?

Ignore the pervert rubbing the staff over there. She would be the kind of person to buy a new staff (for more offensive strength) rather than a charm or accessory to help with MP problems. Come on, Kazuma...you should helping these people with their purchases!

Cabbage > lettuce. I approve of this message...lettuce is such a weak vegetable sometimes...

The face of someone who's about to steal your money...run while you can!

Ignore what I just said...this is actually the face of someone who's about to steal your money. Also, apparently high luck means better drops, which makes sense.

New gear! Or visual update...take your pick.

I don't think I'll mind if this becomes a recurring gag.

This is a funny line, but who was carrying her back before she joined this party?

This might be nitpicking a bit too much, but this looks like the first time Explosion has been used as a projectile. The other two times it was used, Megumin just radiated it from the ground.

This castle is pretty resilient...either that or Megumin has really bad aim (which is also very likely).

Haha nice!

So is she finally going to be useful? I have to see this!

Guess not...but she's a priest, right? Wouldn't dispelling a curse be child's play?

Well, that was easy. Maybe she's not so useless after all...

Wait...that's it? No after-credits scene where Dullahan wonders why no one is coming to his castle? Come on, man...that joke was so easy to make.

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