Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Episode 3: Not the cabbages!

Oh, I see...she's supposed to be the perverted fetishist of the group. Judging by some of her reactions, she might also be the masochist of the group, but I'll wait to pass judgment on that.

Me too, buddy...me too...

High strength and constitution with no dexterity? Sounds like a dedicated tank to me. I understand they're trying to make Kazuma look like an experienced gamer, but it's like they want him to only be the strategic center of the party by giving him high intelligence and a team of players with basically no intelligence.

It's a pretty bad skill, but at least she's using it to get tips and fund the party, right? ...RIGHT??

Well, high intelligence means high MP, right? Teaching Kazuma explosion magic might not be the worst thing in the world if the crusader is in front of the team. They could also go the route of making him the jack of all trades, but it's unlikely given his lack of well-rounded stats.

Haha...okay, this was funny.

So that thing I said about her being the masochist of the group...yup...I guess it makes sense given her stats.

Thief skills for Kazuma? That might actually be a decent idea since thieves tend to rely on luck stats for critical stealth strikes. That being said, Chris introduced the skill as "Steal", but Kazuma levels it up as "Pilfer"...why exactly?

Cool scene and all, but what does learning a skill have to do with your DNA? If anything, it should affect your neurons.

Well, his luck stat is high...

I understand this scene was put in here for some extra laughs, but if steal is supposed to be random, what is it using as a pool of potential items to steal? Could he have potentially stolen her robe or something? If so, doesn't that mean that even with a high steal roll, you could still get something worthless? Seems like too much of a gamble skill to me.

Fantasy world apparently has industrial-level technology? Seems legit...that should mean there's an engineer or gunner class, right?

Dramatic scene aside, this is the first time we've seen Megumin with an eyepatch in this episode. She did the same chuuni act earlier in the tavern as well...how does she decide when to use the eyepatch?

More games need quests like this...

I don't really get the point of this scene. She's already told us that she has no dexterity stat, so we should already be watching to make sure none of her attacks hit a target (especially a target as small as these floating cabbages).

Sigh..."enemy attacks only target female clothes" cliche...

These guys are dead, right? They're totally dead...

Someone explain to me how using Steal on a flying cabbage is able to immobilize it...or do anything to it at all. What is there to steal??

Also, Darkness's armor needs to decide how broken it wants to be in this post-battle scene. The cracks in her armor are literally different in every shot of her.

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