Marth's Manga Adventures: 4-koma (Comedy?) Edition

Don't expect this to be the last 4-koma edition...I read a lot of them.

Yandere Kanojo

Yeah, I got baited by this title too. The "yan" is an abbreviation of "yankee", so it's not the "yandere" you were expecting. The basic story is a fairly plain-looking guy falling in love with a delinquent (the titled yankee). Most of the chapters are comedic one-offs, but the main story kicks in every now and then, whether it's developing specific characters or exploring new relationships.

Tsurezure Children

If you want a more serious take on young love, you probably want to be reading Hatsukiai. Tsurezure Children takes a more comedic approach. The chapters jump back and forth through the stories of various couples in a school. For me, the couplesĀ are hit-and-miss. Some are very funny (like the student council president with the delinquent) and others are incredibly boring (like the girl with the mask).

Bonus Round: Sword Art Online 4-koma

Like making fun of SAO? Well, so does this 4-koma. Experience what the series would have been like if the writer hadn't been taking it so seriously. I thought it was a great improvement over the actual series and it's a pretty quick read. I was done reading before I knew it!

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