Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo Episode 2: Giant frogs everywhere!

This guy didn't seem too shaken up about his living quarters in the last episode...now he's suddenly complaining?

This scene just feels oddly satisfying.

The great and powerful arch priest goes in with a normal punch, ladies and gentlemen...what an amazing class.

Haha...what is this? An apartment listing on Craigslist?

I feel like I've seen this girl before somewhere...

I can't quite put my finger on it...

The first indication that this girl is actually useless. Either mages are really bad without a front line or she's actually weaker than she sounds with this "explosion magic".

That eyepatch had strings on it? It looked to me like it was just hanging there on her eye.

Whoa whoa...hold your horses. There's a magic stat? You're telling me magical strength isn't determined by intelligence? What does the intelligence stat do, then? This better be one of those games where the magic stat is determined by multiple stats, so it has its own summary stat.

Why do I get the feeling her magic is going to be a level 1 spell?

So, is explosion magic not fire attribute? This look like dark attribute.

Wow...the spell actually worked?

Oh...never mind...the frog's still alive. Also, using all of your MP in one attack like a noob...

Can't? How does the skill system work in this game that you can start off with advanced magic only? Also, why doesn't explosion magic have a basic spell that doesn't drain all of your MP?

Whoa...this girl really is desperate.

Sigh...really? The villagers are going to shame him into taking her into her party? This scene just pisses me off...

At least the game recognizes that this guy did all the work and gives him massive experience points. And wait...didn't Megumin claim earlier that she was a level 6 arch wizard? This level up puts Kazuma at level 5 (assuming he didn't level up from the first giant frog fight), so why is the level 6 so impressive?

What is going on here? Do I even want to know? Also, is anyone else going to make the joke that Kazuma's luck stat has managed to get him a party full of girls?

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