Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 17: New mobile suits are here! Finally!

Workers piloting mobile suits? This should go well...

It's a trap! Aww man...I was hoping for one of those large-scale space battles I love watching, but it looks like the workers are just going to get massacred...

While I'm fine with the main antagonists disagreeing with the methods of their corrupt government, I'm getting a very strong "change it from within" vibe from this statement.

Hahahaha that lady's expression! It looks like she's shifting her gaze suspiciously.

Is she finally going to be useful? Time for full Lacus mode?

This wouldn't be a political show if the government didn't try to silence the media.

Wow...the news crew that just happened to see Kudelia before just happens to find her again in a way that would be helpful for the group? Convenient plot device is convenient...

Finally time for Akihiro's first battle with the upgrade Gusion? I'm totally hyped to watch this.

This line is interesting because of how random it seems. We've seen Mikazuki pilot the Barbatos for the entire series and we're just now finding out that he's been doing it without any limit of the data that gets transmitted through the system? Has he been keeping this a secret? Also, I was totally expecting Dante to die, but this random piece of information probably saved his life.

IT'S BACK! Man, I've missed this. Also, it may feel strange to backpedal, but what was up with Mikazuki's line about "feeling frustrated"? Was he acknowledging Kudelia's newfound passion?

Whoa whoa're letting your emotions show! this suggesting that the mobile suit is another one of the Gundams from the Barbatos time? That he conveniently had in his family treasury? Sigh...

Yup, I guess so. If these things are so powerful, why do they get tossed away as antiques? I don't understand.

Oh yeah...I forgot about this machine. I guess they just gave it to someone else now that Akihiro can't use it anymore.

High-level battlefield taunting going on here...also, I guess we're calling this guy Gali Gali from now on.

Yes, I know this is a cliche pose, but holy crap this scene is awesome. I really like the new Gusion. Also, "Rebake"? Seriously? I really hope these guys meant to call it the "Gusion Remake"...because that actually would make sense. What is this? Space Bakery?

The completion of this attack requires the opening of my Gundam's face. Don't get me wrong...this entire scene looks super cool. But what exactly does opening the face up do while he's in the middle of an attack?

This news broadcast will probably save everyone in Tekkadan, but we don't get to see how until next week!

There's a scene that I didn't screenshot in this episode that I wanted to ask about...didn't the Barbatos mace fly away in the battle against Gali Gali? Is it just gone forever now? Or will it magically reappear the next time the Barbatos goes into battle?

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