Gate S2 Episode 16: Dragon fight begins

The kill order? I mean...she is a bunny girl too...

Guess so. An order to kill Noriko disguised as an order from Pina? This feels like the weakest plan I've ever seen...and yet, it seems to be working.

So Itami goes on an unsanctioned operation and immediately gets backup? This has to be the most influential otaku I've ever seen.

Looks like this guy was important after all.

And suddenly political negotiations. What exactly are they looking for in these mines? Coal?

Aaaand it actually rains...nice.

What a convenient thing to say when someone has just been ordered to kill you...

A real warrior would know that people only show their true feelings about death when faced with its reality...instead she reveals herself because Noriko randomly mentionsĀ letting herself die.

I guess she must really not want to kill Noriko if she's being so bad at her job.

At this angle, there is literally no way he hits her. I'm pretty sure his gun is pointed at her scabbard right now.

I can't tell whether everything is going according to Tyuule's plan, but it looks a lot like she didn't realize that the Japanese could actually do forensic analysis. Then again, tracking things back to Zolzal probably won't help since he won't know anything. Maybe they'll go confront him and they'll notice Tyuule acting strange while they're talking...or something.

Meanwhile, Zolzal is being distracted by meat.

This entire scene was really cool to watch...using the fighter jets to scope out the dragon's specs.

Wait, you're leaving them alone, Yao? What if your clansmen show up and think they're intruders? this.

Convenient dragon saves the day...I think?

I think I'd actually go to therapy if I got to shoot a rocket launcher...

So the preview seems to suggest that next week's episode will end the battle against the fire dragon...if so, that's a lot quicker than I expected. Also, who's the blue face in the preview? New character or just new transformation?

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