Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 3: Finally some success?

Oh hey...it's the "big guy is actually into cooking" cliche. I guess he also made the airplane in the last episode, so it's probably more like the "big guy is actually into creative activities" cliche.

I'm eventually going to get tired of this guy, but I can't get mad at him right now because at least he's doing something.

This smug reaction face...

I totally thought this frog was going to be important or something. I guess the important takeaway here is that Ranta's peeping is actually something that happened, not a gag that gets ignored like most series (you know which ones I'm talking about). That being said...the frog is probably the most interesting thing happening in this scene.

Isn't it kinda sad when the narrator is lying to the audience? Who is he talking to that would judge him so harshly for not being able to earn any money in the rain? Reddit?

All of the sound stopped here...for some reason. I guess it was to focus in on this scent thing? But why? It has nothing to do with the very next piece of dialogue, which is Haruhiro wondering what the girls are doing about underwear.

Finally looks like stuff is happening!

Wait...isn't Ranta wearing a chestplate too? And you're a healer, Manato? In what universe does it make sense to take those three? A hunter like Yume, who specializes in survival, would probably be more sneaky than Ranta. I'd be willing to accept the excuse of "well, she's a ranged class, so we need her to stay back", but in that case, put her in a vantage spot. Also, we've established that Shihoru has no aiming skills, so maybe take her instead? Stop putting the healer at the front of the battle, Manato.

As a thief, does Haruhiro not get a bonus for hitting an unaware target? Why does it make sense to send Ranta first and not the thief? Plus, Ranta wants to get the last strike, not the first one...

Moral of the story: money buys happiness, kids.

With the music in the background, this entire scene feels like a Rocky training montage. I have to admit that it was a pretty decent song, though.

Whoa whoa...easy, kids. Aren't you supposed to be saving up?

Finally some insight on the mechanics of this world? Apparently, you just pay money to learn skills...good to know. Either it's the more fantasy route and paying money just magically gives you the skill knowledge or it's the more realistic route where I guess you'd have to pay a trainer or something.

This conversation is interesting because it sets up a scenario where Manato starts showing hints that he may prefer the world of Grimgar over his original world. I wonder if that will be a point of antagonism in the future.

Maybe I'm being nuts, but did anyone else feel like the soundtrack in this series, while full of good songs, isn't really fitting with the scenes in which they are played? I can't quite place it, but something about the music just feels off most of the time when I'm watching.

A slightly more uneventful episode this week, but I still have a positive opinion of the show. As for next week's episode, things don't look so good for Manato, right? What's up with the staff sitting on the ground in the preview? Also, why does it look like Yume is stopping Ranta from doing something? Perhaps, he's going out to find Manato, who has gotten himself in some trouble? It's probably too early for Manato to trigger his death flag...right?

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