Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 16: Revolution time

Starting off with a flashback, of course. that masked guy's name really was Nobliss.

Wait...did Fumitan purposely hide and leave a child by herself? That's all kinds of cruel...

Interesting...Gjallarhorn is just letting this happen? Are they just buying time for Fumitan to get Kudelia killed?

Wait...Savarin's still relevant to this story?

So does no one know who Kudelia is? Why was she ever in any danger? I guess this is convenient because getting on the news makes her more likely to be found by the Tekkadan group.

Oh boy...a fake explosion to make it look like the union members struck first.

I know she has plot armor, but I don't actually understand how she survived this. Was she covered by that lady that was running with her? Because everyone around her is dead and she just isn't? Statistically impossible...

Someone's going to take this shot for Kudelia, right? Wonder who it will be...

Wouldn't it be ironicĀ if this is actually the moment where Kudelia's eyes lose their innocent sparkle? Nah...based on Fumitan's words from the final flashback, it sounds like Kudelia will go on being a symbol of hope. She probably understands that she has to continue with her idealism.

Yup...really starting to look like this guy is going to continue being relevant to the story.

I had a hard time focusing on the episode this week with the worker revolt happening in the background. I just couldn't make myself care for these workers...even when they were massacred.

I'm really looking forward to next week's episode. Finally the Barbatos is back in action! We've been going so long without it that it's depressing. Also, is that mobile suit with the shield from the preview the new Gusion? Wow...they really changed it a lot if that's the case.

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