Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu First Impressions (1+2): Not really much to say here...

I'm actually quite surprised with this show. I didn't expect too much going in and was blindsided by the josei tag. The first episode (which is actually double-length) introduces us to Yotaro, a recently-released prisoner who wishes to become the apprentice of the rakugo storyteller he saw perform while in prison. While this storyteller, Yakumo, rarely takes apprentices, he decides to take Yotaro under his wing. The first episode explores Yotaro's introduction to the rakugo world, while the second episode tells a bit of Yakumo's own introduction to the rakugo world. It's actually a pretty nice series, but it does beg an important question...why is this labelled a josei anime? The synopsis makes it sound like the story is meant to focus on Konatsu, a girl living with Yakumo, but there's no indication of that yet.

I know I've abandoned my new style for this series and that's because much of the content of the episodes doesn't invoke much reaction. I see this series as a slice of life and I pretty much just let the events drag me along. I would describe the series as charming, but perhaps I miss a lot of the nuances of rakugo. That being said, I still found the series enjoyable and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. It's unlikely that I'll keep covering it, though, because the events of each episode don't really inspire much discussion out of me despite the fact that I'm having fun watching them.

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