Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 2: Teamwork OP

I like this scene a lot because of how it casually introduces the tavern. Instead of being introduced immediately as the place to gain information like every fantasy world, it's first introduced as the place to get a drink...which is what it's actually supposed to exist to do.

Am I nuts or does it really feel like one of these characters needs to die? My guess is the priest, but that's probably obvious.

Given that the goblin was unable to hear this...

...I'm actually really surprised that it heard this. Also, this scene made me laugh harder than it should have...Ranta basically invalidated Haruhiro's thief class here. Also, the music that plays throughout this entire battle is pretty cool.

Wait...is this guy actually a healer class? Because that's not what healers do...why isn't Moguzo doing this?

This is what happens when you give the worst shot on the team the sniper rifle...

Seriously, guys? This goblin is completely unarmed right now!

I get the feeling Ranta is supposed to represent the stereotypical MMORPG player. Also, that shot from Shihoru was surprisingly ineffective against the goblin...is offensive magic even useful in this world? (I specify "offensive" because Cure is clearly overpowered)

This screenshot doesn't really show anything, but I want to talk about the music playing and what's happening in these scenes. We just got a pretty intense ending to the battle against the goblin where Ranta looks obviously shaken...and then the scene switches to this somewhat peaceful walk through the town with a pretty decent song playing in the background. If anything, I might say this scene is supposed to establish the reality of this world...the fact that the group just killed a living thing, but the world still moves on. Maybe this scene has some large visual appeal that I missed because I don't pay attention to aesthetics.

Are we really getting a "peep at the girls in the bath" scene in this series?

I really can't decide whether I like this song or not...the opening song is definitely good, but this song just doesn't feel like anything special. Maybe it's because I just heard the insert song and it's a similar style, so I can't really get myself to be interested in this ending song.

Next week: Ranta gets sick of Haruhiro and decides to take on the role of thief himself.

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