Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 15: I guess Kudelia isn't as popular as she thinks she is

Oooh, so mysterious!

This guy looks perfectly reasonable...nothing suspicious or potentially evil about him, right? Maybe I'm being overly critical because he conveniently shows up AFTER the workers get caught by the police.

That's not how you English, buddy. "Hanged" is only used if you're referring to executing someone with a noose. I would have said "He's been hanging in there by himself even when times were tough".

Is Savarin reacting to Atra specifically or is he just surprised that there are other people with Biscuit?

Oh, I guess he was reacting to Atra. I don't understand...did he really think Kudelia would be hanging around Biscuit while he was meeting his brother? Also, I can understand Savarin making this mistake, but how the heck does Gjallarhorn not immediately realize that this isn't Kudelia? There's no reason why this should work. Don't people have TV or Internet in this world?

I suppose this is irony that the people who are in the middle of the worker's union are in the least danger right now? Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this. Also, this is a common mistake, but that should be "we workers", not "us workers". If you remove "workers", it's easier to figure out which word is correct.

Mikazuki's expression changes after Biscuit and Atra are mentioned, but before the news that they are captured is said. Did he just know that something was really wrong if those two were involved?

I know that Fumitan is having a bit of a crisis of conscience here, but should she really be left alone with Kudelia? I thought Mikazuki had already noticed Fumitan's suspicious behavior...I guess he must really care about Atra to allow this oversight.

Oh come on...I almost expected him to say "it smells like her".

If we just give the oppressive government what they want, they'll stop oppressing us! Perfect logic!

Wait...those eye holes open up? Does he just walk around blind all the time?

Also, was he saying that Nobliss Gordon betrayed Kudelia or that his name is Nobliss Gordon?

Whoa! That's a new expression, Mikazuki!

Hmm...that name seems familiar.

Whoa whoa...the next episode's title is Fumitan's name? She's really raising all of the death flags, isn't she? We've had quite a few close calls, but I guess it's about time a major character died in this series. Maybe this will be the trigger that Kudelia needs to finally be useful.

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