Gate S2 Episode 14: Diplomacy be damned

Romance already? We only just got back!

Sigh...I had forgotten about this.

I can't tell whether the guards behind Pina are embarrassed for her or scared about the earthquakes themselves. In the next scene, we see some more obviously frightened guards, so I really don't know what this scene is doing.

The king (or translator) is apparently British.

...and Pina is apparently not. Also, Pina is apparently idiom-impaired.

One of these family members is not like the others.

Didn't hate Zolzal enough already? Let's make him bring in a slave girl! And if that doesn't do it, let's have a scene where he abuses the girl unnecessarily!

What? We weren't clear enough that this guy should be hated before? Let's reinforce the idea with one of the characters!

Okay, this scene is super badass and all, but since when did "fire at will" mean "beat them up with your gun"?

I'm pretty sure this entire scene counts as torture...don't we have rules against that in the modern world? Don't we have different interrogation techniques? Good thing we established that this prince is super evil, right? That way, no one can really complain.

Ahh, the "bad guy thinks that love is a weakness, but good guy says it's a strength" cliche. Power of love is strong!

Casual WWII reference? Also, can I make a joke about the usage of the word "bloody" in this line after what the king just said to Pina?

Even the king is facepalming at Pina's public speaking skills!

Either this bunny girl has some serious psychological issues or she's secretly manipulating the prince with an even bigger plan.

So not only did the guy she cares about die in the slave mine, but her parents are also dead? This girl doesn't seem like the kind of character that just gets thrown away when she returns to the normal world. She's either going to be a future antagonist trying to get revenge against the fantasy world or she's going to join the military to fight against them.

Once again, this week's episode felt like it was missing something. It's too bad that next week's episode will bring them back to the foreground with Tuka's story. That being said, I guess I can be glad that they will get her daddy issues out of the way early, right?

Also, if it looks like I might have glossed over the entire scene where Zolzal talks with that other guy about royal succession, it's because that scene was really boring and I don't really care what happens to the royal line in this series...

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  • Schrodingers Cat

    Jan. 16, 2016, 4:02 p.m.

    i'm guessing she has some psychological issues after episode 14 and before shifts gaze anyway she's still cute so it's all okay :P



    Jan. 16, 2016, 4:12 p.m.

    i dunno...that evil grin from the preview was a bit suspicious...


  • lesterf1020

    Jan. 16, 2016, 4:39 p.m.

    While I also don’t really care what happens to the royal line in this series. I found Zorzal's conversation with his brother the most interesting thing in this episode. He is saying that he is deliberately being an idiot ass in order to gain the throne. The logic being that the emperor cannot maintain his position for much longer with all of these losses and embarrassments and thus he will have to hand over the throne. He will then give it to his idiot son thinking that will allow him to control the empire from the shadows. Zorzal is deliberately setting up this scenario.



    Jan. 16, 2016, 5:37 p.m.

    Maybe it was because of the way the lines were delivered. Zorzal didn't sound devious at all, just seemed to be saying "oh, I'm just going to let this happen". I mean, he'll eventually gain full control when the emperor dies, but nothing in the way he said it made it sound like "I'm purposely playing the fool so I can gain control". It just sounded like he was observant enough to notice the king's intentions...


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