Haruchika First Impressions (1): That was the mystery?

Okay, so I'm a little late on this one, but the outrage from the people watching this episode got me curious. This episode was actually pretty fun for me to watch, but there were actually quite a few scenes I wanted to point out.

Let's start with the very first scene...I'm not the only one who noticed this, right? There's another scene outdoors with people walking and animated like this as well. I honestly thought this was going to be the animation style for the entire series at this point. Oh well...only characters with names get detail, am I right?

Either this girl defies physics or this catch was very impressive. Look at her left leg here...

She had the time to react, shove her left leg down, and jump forward before the flute dropped below her (notice that the flute is basically floating in the same spot as it is in the first screenshot). I call bullshit.

Brass band competition...featuring flutes. Because...those are brass instruments. Even if I'm willing to believe that flutes are acceptable for brass bands, you expect me to believe that she knew right there from seeing a woodwind instrument that she specifically wanted to be in a brass band?

I feel like these sneezes served no purpose in this episode...maybe I missed some symbolism, which wouldn't surprise me because I'm pretty literature inept.

...can't...actually complain about this scene. Moving on.

Yeah, that seems like the logical first reaction to something like this. If only there were a magic device that would let you instantly capture the scene so that you could view it again at your leisure after you've cleaned it up...when is this series set?

Okay, I'll give you this scene...

Wait...is that a clarinet? In a brass band? Are these people even trying? I feel like this club should be called "smaller than an orchestra band club".

facepalm Next you're going to tell me that this is only here to conveniently advance the plot-


Also, I like the House-style epiphany as much as the next guy, but can we all agree that Hugh Laurie does it way better than this kid?

Why do people even try to interpret flowers? I swear every flowers has like 6 contradictory meanings. It pisses me off.

Wait...you mean this girl is actually smart enough to figure out that you like the same person as she does? That doesn't fit her personality at all-

Oh...never mind then. I actually got spoiled about the "Haruta is gay" part before going in to this episode, so I'm sure this scene was much more shocking for other people watching. I will say this, though...almost every shoujo heroine has a crush on her male teacher and many shounen romance leads also have crushes on their female teacher (Nisekoi, for example). So why is it a problem that Haruta has a crush on his male teacher? Sure, I agree that the "crush on the teacher" trope is overplayed, but there should be as much outrage at every other rendition as there is here, am I right?

So, kudos to you if you made it down this far. As a whole, this episode was actually pretty interesting. There was a decent number of things that didn't make sense, but altogether, it was enjoyable at least. That being said, I get the feeling that the mystery stops here. This mystery of the musical message seems like a convenient way to bring this group of people together so that they can bond. It definitely doesn't feel like a recurring theme in this series. I wouldn't be surprised if we never see another mystery in this series. I honestly expect that this series will go from here being a standard slice-of-life series as the main characters try to recruit more members for their "brass" band. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I can't imagine how they could continue with the mystery theme. What do other people think?

I'll probably keep watching this series because I'm curious whether the mystery continues, but I likely won't continue making posts about it. I'm judging it to be a slice-of-life and I never have enough to say about those kinds of series. Not even the obvious Rubik's Cube bait in the preview will keep me! Final music note: the song played at the end sounds a bit weird vocally, but I actually think the music is pretty good.

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