Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 14: Raise your-

This show certainly comes back from a break swinging by throwing Tekkadan in some worker rebellions. Based on the pieces we got this week, it sounds like the plan was to have Kudelia at the site apparently selling arms to workers for a violent rebellion despite her talk of peace and then kill her before she could object to anything. It's one of those standard "we can't just kill her...we need to defame her too" plots. I'm really curious about how Orga and the group are going to get themselves out of there, though. On the peaceful side of things, did Biscuit really just pull the same move as Akihiro in this week's episode by conveniently introducing a brother into the plot just before killing him off?

I guess we need to give a brief moment of silence as we transition into the new opening and ending songs for the series. The songs themselves aren't really bad...they just don't have the same feel as the originals. There's not as much impact and hype in the new opening song as there was with "Raise Your Flag". And "Orphans Namida" always had such good lead-ins from the end of the episode. But who knows? Maybe we'll get used to them...

As for the preview for next week's episode, you're telling me that neither of the two candidates from before (McGillis and Ein) was the real masked one? But they both possessed such strong characteristics of the typical Gundam mask...maybe they'll all come together to pilot a single Gundam in the future! And is the masked guy the one that's really controlling Fumitan? The timing seems to fit. Also, it looks like Savarin will be berating Biscuit when they meet next week...though it almost looks like he's not sincere about it. My guess is that it's one of those "make you hate me to protect you" scenarios.

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