Musaigen no Phantom World First Impressions (1): I dunno about this, guys...

I really wanted to buy into this series with the introduction. It was a really good start, explaining our human tendency to trust our perception when our eyes have huge, blinding (sometimes literally) weaknesses. It asks a good question of "how can we really trust that what we see is reality?" But from there, I just got lost. I thought the idea of the show would be focusing on the main characters and their "enhanced" perception of the world, but it ends up being a pretty generic battle school premise with a feeble attempt at science to explain itself. Sigh...turning off my neuroscientist brain.

Our premise and direction for this series seem pretty straightforward. We're already introduced the main cast with a very simple goal: "be successful as a phantom-hunting team". So given the girls in the opening, that can only mean that we'll be spending a large portion of the show recruiting the other girls briefly introduced this week and becoming an "official team". The show had a lot of weird high and low moments for me. Even though I knew where the line from the screenshot above was going, I still thought it was a funny attempt to jab at the typical light novel fanservice introduction. I also understand why everyone's raving about the limbo scene...I'll give you that. But having the top-heavy heroine touching herself as a "special power" felt like some wasted seconds of my life.

The music of the series was another big factor in misleading me about the premise. The opening theme starts with this weird electronic feel to it, which made me think that this main guy (who I've neglected to mention is named Haruhiko Ichijo) was going to be experiencing the world as though it were an 8-bit game or something (wouldn't that have been cool?). The first scene with Haruhiko seemed to support this assumption too. But my bad assumptions aside, I was talking about music...yeah, the opening and ending songs just felt like there was nothing really special going on.

Am I going to continue covering this series? I'm guessing no. There doesn't feel like there's enough stuff going on. I do have to admit that I like the idea of Haruhiko's character as a seemingly useless participant with just a fountain of knowledge gained from his book obsession. And finally, why exactly does Haruhiko, who everyone has joked has absolutely no physical ability, have the reflexes and speed to run down the stairs before Reina fell and somehow get underneath her? Either this kid is hiding some extra power or this is an inconsistency.

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