Other Shows of the Season: The Heavy Stuff (Shut up, I'm funny!)

I know Heavy Object isn't technically finished yet, but it's still part of this season, right? While I have to say that the idea behind the series has its merits, I'm pretty glad I didn't choose to write posts about it. Let's just start with the premise...the concept that a single military unit with a name as stupid as the "Object" can render all other combat units irrelevant just seems highly unlikely. I don't care how strong Objects are, power in numbers is a very real thing. That being said, the idea behind the main characters is actually what makes the show enjoyable to watch. These are two seemingly regular soldiers that somehow have a knack for defeating every Object they find without heavily employing an Object of their own. Granted, their strategies are often quite simplistic, who doesn't like a good David and Goliath, right?

And, of course I can't talk about this series without mentioning the fanservice...it's annoyingly present in this series. I just ignore it...you might like it, in which case this show might be endlessly entertaining, but this is mostly a warning to anyone who just really can't stand seeing it...because you will see it. But anyway...there's not much to say about the series because it's still going, so I'll just end on this: I don't care how awkwardly animated the penguins were. That scene was awesome.

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